A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

Go to your Tree


In Costa Rica, we saw the tree of soul, the avatar tree.

Right during the end of our river safari, there she was, standing out yet blending in, with a tiny sloth sitting on her.

A tree in my dreams.

I remember asking my friend what they mean by saying ‘I see you’ in the movie Avatar, she said in her South African Zulu culture, it is the most common thing to greet a person with, meaning despite your appearance and your doings, I recognize and acknowledge that you are your unique Being, more than this flesh and blood, talking and handing day-to-day practicality functionality you are.

How beautiful and real.

A lovely healer once told me, ‘go find your tree of soul, Pucahontas’.

And there she was, always has been. When you see others, they see you.

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