A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

This Mother Role


I am always guided to different teachings throughout our trip, and this time in New Zealand, I’m again led to a beautiful soul with lots of wisdom.

She mentioned the choice of being a mother, on a day-to-day level, it is for one to learn to be patient and to allow the nature to nurture flourish.

On a soul level, there’s nothing bigger than this choice. The moment you choose to become a mother, you choose to experience and feel the role of Mother Earth. To feel her joy of creating life, to experience the changes she has to go through as she evolves, and to mourn her pain and loss with her, witnessing what has been happening and done to her. Creatures distinct, animals abused by humans, endless exploitation of energy, water, and

I felt that. I’m feeling that. It is more than a wound or history, it shapes who the mother becomes, it throws her the free will to be mad and go down or to stand tall and be the change. I feel the Mother Earth screaming in despair, and I pray for us to wake up so she doesn’t have to really face the crossroad of going completely mad or just shutting down.

I cannot help but wonder, how this soulful understanding and compassion resonate with me when I stood on the lava-washed and bruised Big Island of Hawaii. The earth still stands tall after the ruin. She is not the ruin, but the ruin becomes her.

The hot lava flowed through the surfaces and landscapes, covering every inch of the land but perfectly preserving what was underneath-the possibility of life. On that piece of land emerges lava stones which radiate that cleansing energy full of motherly compassion and nurture, rough but real, and plants, beautifully unique plants which will slowly but consistently flourish and make the landscape anew.

She allows and trusts, but she also is firmly flowing. Knowing she is the flow of energy and allowing energy to flow, energy of life, energy of trust, energy of changes and the ultimate freedom. That is about this Mother role.

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