A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

Blessed to be Me


Hi from the Gold Coast in Australia.

Sitting in my very first Aquarian sadhana at 5:30 am, I certainly felt tired, at times almost nodding off onto my yoga mat.

Then it emerged.

It is not the conventional kundalini awakening people have been talking about, just throughout the mantras, I felt like crying. Not purely out of sadness, but gratitude.

The very beautiful soul of mine, most of the time being neglected and left alone, is surrounded by other beautiful beings.

My husband, my daughter, my son, my parents, my mother-in-law.

They courageously chose me, took my hand, and showed me different expressions of love that are available on Mother Earth, step by step. Some of them come straightforwardly with the highest purity, like a bear hug that can press all the breath out of your body; Some took curved ways, in disguise even, throwing the ego at a cross road, waiting for the wisdom of the soul. That’s the soul group manifesting the journey for a young soul to experience.

To love is to accept unconditionally, to love is to allow, to love is to release, to love is to embrace. The waves of love hit me out of the blue, very much like what waves grief do, only that love waves linger, melting the tears into nourishing elixir for the cells.

Wha-hay Guroo wha-hay Guroo

Wha-hay Guroo wha-hay Jeeo

It means ‘oh my soul, indescribable wisdom’.

Oh your souls, indescribable wisdom.

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