A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

B a Unicorn


I met a unicorn in disguise.


Soft, gentle but bright white light. With almost no shadows. How is that even possible. That’s what I thought of her when she first picked me up in training by talking about yoga mats.

B offered me to stay at her place the night after our kundalini training. So I guess unicorns read minds too.

She took me down to the beach to see this beautiful scene below. A double rainbow. She casually said a voice in her said there’s something I wanna see down the beach. Mama rainbow and baby rainbow. Then we sat in her car when time felt still and again sat in a restaurant until the owner’s kids really needed to go to bed.

And then I understood why I was to share her inner world and be bathed in her light at Byron. She said ‘Go now, enjoy your journey and adventure ahead. Maybe seven years ago you were just young and careless, now you’ll see a different corner of it’. Driving away from her and Byron Bay, I realized I am ready to release that hurt inner child from seven years ago when I first visited Byron, right at the same spot. Inhale Sat, exhale Nam.

She said I’m bringing wisdom to her, the truth for me is she opened me up so what’s inside can even start to flow, so I’m less scared to step away from the unicorn world and am a bit more confident about marching into the shadow world with universal grace and light.

How wise is that.

You also gently reminded me that I’m in the hearts and minds of my friends, those who don’t share my path the same way, but softly sending me prana to carry on, holding my feet to be grounded into this realm, and just loving me unconditionally.

Thank you B unicorn babe. Thank you Vincent.

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