A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

An Important Reminder


How cute.

It is our 4th day in Okinawa, Japan. And this sign was presented to me on my way home.

Please enjoy yourself.

I was not sure what this hostel intended to say with this sign. Something like, have a good time? Have fun?

That thought did not even get to finish its sentence while the voice came in.

No no, it was specifically intended for the “Self” passing by and looking out for messages, aka at that specific time, me.


It is a kind reminder, a suggestion, a request, and a must. Do this, because dah, that is the only way, a no brainer.


For me, enjoying it can be small as being surrounded by the aroma of a certain flower, it can also be as grand as just pure laughter. The laughter from a child, the laughter when something is just really funny, the laughter of non brain-processed nor norm-attached openness to just Be.


Being open to ourselves opens our acceptance of others. The self deserves all the love of the cosmos despite all. It requires no fixing, no doubting, no self-pity, no disciplines nor any makeover. You suffer when the self is told to do better, be better or get better. Your authentic self does not thrive on “I’m just the way I am. Nothing I can do to change it. Gotta live with what I am given.” The self is honored by standing by your birth right, by the grace and power allowed and activated through living the everyday life and practicing integrity with those involved.

I hear you darling. Thank you. Please enjoy yourself.

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