A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

Humanity within You


I am usually not an Apple fan.

In Ginza, the busiest district in Tokyo, my daughter and Vincent took me upstairs to use the restroom in an Apple store, and decided to sit down at their cinema to watch what was on.

They and Apple popped me a bit more open.

The short movies were typically liberally Americanized. All races, all genders, all ages, all modifications of physical capabilities.

We are the same. We are one. We all love the Apple technology which brings us closer.

Undoubtedly true. On an individual level. We long to be no different than others. We long to belong. We long to express the best of ourselves.

But earth is an interesting place. We chose to come in different facades. Colors. Genders. Sexual preferences. Various density and collective characteristics of cultures. Families.

I imagine some of the choices are accumulated preferences of our past lives, as I myself have been different Asians for many lives, some are goals undone or still room left to work on, some are just purely “hey let’s try this one this time and see the world from that angle, how about being burnt alive for just being Tibetan?”

Then here we are. The veil is suddenly there. Life seems so unfair. Unfair for those who seems to have been dealt with shit cards, unfair for those where everything is just so perfect, so perfect that they have to build a wall mentally and physically to protect the God-sent hand of cards.

Then the accumulated imprints and cultural density kick in. They are bad. We are not. He did that. I am just the way I am. What we have came here to work on left from past lives, and even in this life – prejudices against other cultures, genders, races; Inclined self-esteem; fear, lots of fear of water, animals, sounds, height; denial; jealousy out of self protection; greed; projections..they all suddenly work not in favor of us, but we have to constantly work against them to stay sane and feel a tat sheltered in this crazy crazy world.

I don’t agree segregation is the answer. But that is a political issue so out of control that it is simply handed to one or two souls’ free will and flooded with support out of fear.

But unity first comes from within. It is the harmony between your soul and your current physical body, and the respect from the rest of you to the soul’s past lives lived and experienced. You are strong, you are male, you got your education, you live in civilization where clean water comes from your direct house, you got the package. You were black. You were a female slave. You were a soldier. You were a witch. You were persecuted with an ax. Your current sense of superior doesn’t only sadden the rest of the world, but it hurts the rest of you, which an abundance of wisdom and suffering.

You come from a less favored race, you are discriminated for your gender, you feel no one likes you just for what you are like from the outside. Your currently status and how it is perceived by others, who are also on their unique journey, doesn’t grand you the permission to treat yourself and others with no boundaries such as the classic “I’m xxx and all xxx do this, accept it or you are not my friend” or high walls of a totally closed up heart.

So many lights traveled, so many lives lived, yet they seem to be wasted. Life lessons are tricky and hard, sometimes they don’t make sense at all, and I think I can as well just live it to my fullest awareness to love, then the rest doesn’t matter.

The oneness is within each one of us, the love needs to be first spread within self love, and then we would really learn and experience how it feels to love someone or something that is so fundamentally different yet so close.

The message really is so there yet so overlooked: Different is the one thing about us that is always the same.

The truth is we don’t see things the same, the power is we don’t see things the same.

We all came here to be a part of it, to make the world a more powerful place. Why not use it, since we are already here anyways?

Humanity is plural, not single. And that starts with respecting literally all humanity within each of us. They dance like a river within you and surrounding you, with mind-blowing grace and light.

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