A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

A Mercury Retrograde


Mercury is finally out of retrograde!

That was the first sentence I got from spirits today.

Then the second one comes.

Wait for it.

So everything you decide to do now is your own fault.

How truthful and how forgiving.

Three months of hardship and shit in your year? Why don’t you see them as three heart-to-heart with your inner child per year, 210 opportunities to grow in your life, and infinite strength within your soul?

It is a time to go outside first, and then go within. A lot of blocks are showing themselves, blocks you didn’t even know that ever existed, because underneath, your inner child craves to surface with all love and light. It is not easy to cleanse since it is not a body work which requires a week’s juice fasting plus 20 sessions in the gym, it is work for your ego and soul, your yin and yan, your shadows and light, because we are recycled souls in human form, because you are flawed yet so perfect, because something has to change for shifts to happen, yet there is no constant unchanged.

Let the buttons be pushed because they need to be recognized and acknowledged, push buttons so you remind yourself you have been stuck there again and again. Let the inner child feel it is safe to come out to play because he needs to be cuddled with love. Allow yourself to be the student sometime, thinking you are always the teacher takes away your chance to question and be kind outwardly and inwardly. Plus don’t just blame the mercury.

And happy yoga. All you who cross paths with me and find my blog here. And those who continue reading my blog, you yourself are a teacher with enormous amount of universal resources, benefiting those who cross paths with you with your unique wisdom and sufferings. May your student life be surrounded by an abundant amount of soulful bliss, forgiveness of yourself and others, and light guiding you home to love.

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