A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

Waheguru to yourself, Stillness to the Universe


My friend S had cancer. Her medical team found it out when I was pregnant with Vincent two years ago and took all parts affected out of her. She then went through a horrendous time with chemo and conventional plus alternative treatments, I saw her suffer and wither. With Vincent in my womb gently kicking and turning around, I could not on earth imagine that my 28-year-old stunning, graceful, smart and sexy S, would never be able to bare her own kids, her beautiful breasts would be at potential risk and that she and her family had to live everyday like the last day.

Then one year later, one hour after I got into the hospital to give birth to Vincent with my favorite birthing tote, I was told the baby might not be healthy. I pushed him out as quickly as I could on the birthing bed with no thoughts yet every thought in my head, and rushed to the children’s hospital he was transferred to right after, with a river of blood gushing out of me, no thoughts yet every thought. I lived everyday in a dream, a nightmare I always checked early morning and wished were nothing but a dream during those two months in the intensive care unit.

Her cancer reoccurred in June this year after having been cancer free for a while.

Except for thinking how unfair it is, surprisingly I also think of a lot of things. I think how amazing a journey it has been and continues to be for her and all who are affected. I looked at her photos and updates every now and then, sometimes just seeing her face all lit up next to her boyfriend or her carrying herself effortlessly in a gorgeous dress with drinks in her hand made my day. I became one of her very first consulting clients, a career and passion she discovered through cancer, I spent not one second fearing how unspeakably hard her life would be with cancer, but instead feeling lifted a little and encouraged every single day after that night giving birth in the hospital. I still don’t know why her cancer came back, yet as weird as it sounds, it is a message, a beam of light, a story of love resurfacing in disguise. It is not an enemy, no devil, but one of the deepest form of self love, and somehow she so courageously chose and is capable of taking herself seriously again through this manifestation, with the people she chose, at this point of this life. I don’t know what surfaces for her this time, what unfolds in my eyes through her, is a valley full of white blossoms, and a beautiful girl dancing and indulging in grace.

As modern trauma experts say, bad things do happen to good people. And if it is so bad, that your ego mind thinks he has found an answer, which is you must have been bad to deserve something that bad. When this answer pushes all your venerable buttons and dissolves your very core, go deeper. The pain, the buttons and the identified core are the uncountable layers of your acquired thinking patterns and imprints, by allowing the pain you stroke through the layers, with the most powerful healing energy you can get: Your own forgiveness and love. They don’t stand there as obstacles unless you tell them that’s their place, they are parts of you who need to be attended, stroked and healed. The ego says no no the world has to be tangible and quantifiable so I can get started at fixing things for you, but the layers wrapping your truest essence, they won’t quiet down or at least take a break unless you at least admit they are also you, and you are also them. Your ego will do the things he is truly a master of, like getting you a hiding place in a mass shooting, or reinforcing the idea of dumping plastic into the ocean is stupid.

Let them be challenged, let them be heard, let them be shaken, let them be dissolved. Deep deep down, there’s a miraculous creature, so delicate and so shy, looking back at you. She is there patiently just being, not expecting but just loving, for you to get one step closer to her no matter if it takes one lesson, one person, one life, or hundreds of them. There must be a purpose behind or none at all, but if there’s even the slightest chance for the abundance of love and fortune through these journeys, in which you eventually appreciate the beauty of surrendering, through which you eventually awake to the truth that you are your ultimate abundance of love and fortune, that you are your true protector and child. If this time you didn’t manage to, you are so patient and forgiving, that you have always agreed to work on that specific topic again, through different people and circumstances at the right time until you dive a tiny bit deeper, you have always allowed yourself to travel back to God’s arms and come back to this realm to repeat those tasks – I mean, experiences to feel the fullness of you. The universe always has your back, no matter sometimes on the surface how hopeless the situation is or how unfair fate seems to be. It has never changed its mind or moved places, just being, as the stillness you are able to experience once you fully surrender, one split second of Nirvana, gazillions of centuries of love.

I call that waheguru, I call that humanity.

So next time when you wish or pray, say Sat Nam, my true identity; Say waheguru, my miraculous soul. Health, relationships, money, reproduction, protection, you came with them already but didn’t get to them most of the time.

To S, to my goddess ladies who gave me unlimited inspirations to dance, sing, cry, love and create. To mom, I know what’s written above is channeled through you. To my miraculous soul and layers.

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