A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

But I Love You


The whole nation seems to be in lockdown. Not just Wuhan.

The whole world seems to be a huge machine whose buttons are pushed. Conspiracy story tellers have their Youtube channels flooded, freedom of speech is executed, boarders are closed, citizens are quarantined on horror island, delay of evacuation desperately being criticized…Since the coronavirus emergency broke out, all sorts of reactions are triggered in pretty much everyone.

Despair, guilt, fear, anger, these lazy energies surface, and bring out the worst of mankind. Discrimination, racism against Asians, panic attacks, physical abuse and attack of doctors, they don’t change the past yet doesn’t bring any perspective to the future, people are stuck in their illusions of being in control, while their souls are not nourished nor others’. Or perhaps the shadows have to come into the light first to be recognized?

Sense of responsibility, resilience, sacrifice, no matter from which part of the consciousness it comes from, those who are brave enough to carry out a mission for us all. They are overworked doctors, nurses who plan to never leave the ICU, scientists who had no time to pee nor sleep, and those who stand by those who are desperate.

Ignorance and hate are selected. They have their own intelligence and metabolism, they thrive on earth fed by even lower vibrations, like those who think wild animals are our food and by eating monkey brain they’d get smarter. It is very easy to fall for the illusion of empowerment by hating and refusing to know, just as if love and compassion are selective and only thy neighbors deserved to be loved. Viruses and disasters don’t select gender or race, they provide the most tough ground for mankind to expand individually and collectively, by loving unconditionally, by developing scientific researches and coming up with solutions to practicality, by respecting our authenticity and those of others, and by trusting and allowing life to flow through. Humans and humanity are not here to set ourselves for failure, remember we have, or had, a much more ambitious and powerful plan, learning to truly love and allow ourselves to be loved and appreciated. Love is never a theme to be figured out through spirituality or religions, it is more human than humane. We are human, we want to love and want to be loved.

As one mother tells her son who was wrongly convicted as a sex offender in ‘When They See Us’. You feel the world hates you, but I love you, I love you all the time and so much that it makes up for the whole world. You hurt, I hurt, you angry, I angry, you cry, I cry, you free, I am free. Mother Earth loves us with her empathy and generosity, I know this is what China needs now from its people and the whole world, I feel it is what every individual needs now from themselves and each other. Love is the most Devine shield.

Stand steadily and strong China, stand steadily and strong humans, because you are always loved, and those who love you need your love. True love does not ask for payback or worshipping, true love doesn’t require identification or submissiveness, it came way before any ideology or political system, it can neither be planted in nor taken away, it is just there, being and non-reacting, the essence of each one of us, always have and always will.

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