A hug for my soul

A journey of grieving and healing after child loss

The Song of your Soul


Sat Nam! It is day five into my next level Kundalini teacher training, and I’m feeling blessed! The global slow-down told us it is time to go inward, and that means not taking an expensive flight to Byron Bay or Bali, but to get up for the morning class online when everyone is still snoring, to bounce like a crazy swan on the balcony when the neighbors are just out to take some sun, and to have arms and legs so sore you have to scream. I’m online for learning, not porn! Seriously!

Remember Kobe used to say ‘Have you seen LA at 4am?’ ? I guess that’s how it feels like. It is a privilege to be inspired at 6am everyday!

These days we talk about the different identities, chakras, minds and bodies one can speak from in yogic teaching, and a lot more! Head still full but fingers cannot rest, so quoting from my manual: ‘If we don’t identify the hidden self and agenda, we stay half alive behind those masks. We might gain great accomplishments that in the end betray what we really wanted. We create change but not growth. We accumulate knowledge but not wisdom. We form relationships but not partnerships. We gain fame but not for who we really are.’

How does one live these up-in-the-air words in this vast outta control world?

If someone with unprocessed traumas talks to you, it most of the time doesn’t benefit you but their hidden agendas. This person walks out thinking he or she has accomplished another greatness and jumps straight back into the same patterns and reoccurring life lessons, because the ego worked hard to refuse growth. What about you? Are you going to absorb someone else’s traumas and neurotic strategies, or will you assess it, bless it, learn from it, and let it go? Perhaps there’s a reoccurring life lesson in there your ego doesn’t like too?

Most people with the most vulnerable heart do agenda-based communication unconsciously, and we all have been on both ends of the play, not to mention our ancestors and upbringing have imprints within our NDA, it is hard work, sometimes or for some people just to survive. Isn’t the idea of reincarnation nice that if we are asleep in one life then we do better the next time? On the contrary if one life is all we have, why spend it being half alive?

Be kind to yourself and accept who you are, which means honoring and assessing all layers of you, then you know how important it is to communicate kindly outwardly.

Where do your words come from? Is it your free will, or the ego?

From which chakras do you send out your words? Your insecurity, desire to be given attention, out-of-control stories or the oneness and connectedness inside out?

Your words and tune create your world. May your world be kind, authentic and fully embraced by the creator.

Hi family and friends wherever you are, and those who also walk the journey of life loving, thank you for your kind words and selves for this space here and within.

Be inspired and live your soul song from inside out today. And enjoy hearing yourself.

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